GOT7’s Jay B Is Lurking On Stan Twitter And Isn’t Even Trying To Be Covert About It

He definitely sees your posts!

We often joke that our favorite idols are lurking in fan communities, scrolling through fans’ social media pages, but for Ahgases, this is a reality. The GOT7 members often like Ahgases’ posts.

Yugyeom liked a post about himself. | @o_yugyeom97/Instagram via @choiyoungjaeph/Twitter
BamBam liked a post about Youngjae and Jamie. | @got7_angel7/Instagram via @jxjsquare/Twitter

GOT7’s Jay B is the latest member to reveal that he really does lurk on stan Twitter. In the past couple of days, while he prepares for his first EP’s release on August 26, he has also been active on Twitter, responding to many fans’ posts.

He even sees fan edits like this video below with One Direction‘s “Night Changes,” including clips throughout Jay B’s career. They tweeted a touching message, telling him how proud they are of him!

We didn’t think he could get any sweeter, but he has proved us wrong. He then responded to the tweet, amazed by how fast time has gone by in the past years.

Time goes by so fast…amazing…

— Jay B

On the same day, an Ahgase posted some of their favorite photos of Jay B. And, well, he was looking effortlessly handsome (as usual).

You defended yourself from evening to evening and now, you get to show off your body haha

— @PEPIZY/Twitter

He replied with a punny and cheeky response to their tweet. The Ahgase had used the word “방어하고,” meaning to defend or protect but Jay B responded with “방어,” which looks like the first part of “defended” but means yellowtail fish.

Yellowtail is delicious…

— Jay B

Perhaps the funniest thing Jay B has responded to in the past couple of days is a TikTok. An Ahgase posted a video that shows herself dancing to Queen Wasabi‘s “Jay Park” but replacing “Park” in the chorus with “Beom,” so that it sings “Jaebeom,” also known as Jay B.

After Jay B responded to watching the video with laughter, the creator saw his reply. Understandably, she needed some time to process…


i don’t even know how to fully comprehend what just happened #fyp #kpop #khh #jayb #jaebeom #got7

♬ original sound – Funny Tiktoks

Now, if you’re more of an Instagram user and think you’re safe… Think again! You’re not. He stays lurking on Instagram too!


He likes a variety of Ahgase content, not just about himself but even sub-units and pairings like “MarkBeom,” i.e., Jay B and Mark.

Jay B liked a post about himself and Mark Tuan. | @marktuan_xciii_/Instagram via @MyBBeommie/Twitter
Jay B liked a post about himself and Mark Tuan. | @bmark_moment/Instagram via @MyBBeommie/Twitter

Think before you post because Jay B will surely see it!

Source: @jaybnow_hr