GOT7’s Jay B Received This Unexpected Gift From His Parents—And He Couldn’t Hide His Confusion

He also found it hilarious!

GOT7‘s Jay B received a rather unexpected Christmas present from his parents, which he unboxed during a live broadcast.

Fans couldn’t help laughing when Jay B, much to his confusion, opened his parents’ gift only to find a shovel in the box.

Hilariously, his parents had actually specifically requested that Jay B open his present while he was live, and they even attended the broadcast that day—perhaps to see their son’s hilarious reaction. Jay B was totally unable to hide his surprise and confusion, and fans have his parents’ amazing sense of humour to thank for this golden moment. Even Jay B himself also seemed to find the present hilarious, as he afterwards posted some pictures with it to Instagram.

He also included a video with the hilarious caption, “How to use a shovel for back pain,” as well as a video of the unboxing itself—the latter showing how amused he was by his parents’ present.

Fans at the site also claimed that Jay B’s parents actually brought food for the fans who were waiting there, which is an incredibly heartwarming thing to hear.

After all, Jay B is already known to be a very kind and giving person, so it’s reassuring to see that same kind spirit in his family. We hope Jay B and his family are able to enjoy the holidays together!