GOT7’s JB Got The Chance To Get Some Revenge For BamBam’s Teasing And He Took It

He didn’t hesitate to take it at all!

When it comes to teasing GOT7‘s leader, nobody enjoys it quite as much as BamBam does. Not to mention he’s really good at it! But during GOT7’s fan festival in Bangkok, JB was finally able to get his revenge for some of that teasing!


During the festival, BamBam ended up being the loser of one game which ultimately meant he would need to give a piggyback ride to one of his members. And it was no surprise when JB stepped up to be the one!


From the moment he launched himself onto BamBam’s back, Ahgase were 100% sure that JB was enjoying his moment of revenge for all that teasing he receives and it was further confirmed when JB made things a little interesting for BamBam!


JB’s movements took fans back in time to one of GOT7’s Idol Room appearances where JB was able to correctly guess he was giving a piggyback ride to BamBam based on the way he made things even harder for JB!


Seeing his reaction to the whole experience, Ahgase can’t stop cracking up over his pure excitement over getting some revenge!


Revenge definitely was sweet for JB!