GOT7’s JB Said He Doesn’t Think He’s Good-Looking… And BamBam’s Response Was Savage

The members couldn’t help but laugh!

The GOT7 members are extremely savage to each other, always teasing each other on camera.

The group recently guested on WA LALLA‘s Big Picture, and during it, BamBam made a savage comment towards JB.

GOT7’s BamBam


It began when JB got asked what his favorite hairstyle has been.

| WA LALLA/YouTube 

JB shared that his long hair was the most meaningful since it was a new challenge for him.

| WA LALLA/YouTube

JB then shared that he wants to try an extremely short hairstyle in the future. Specifically, JB wants to try a half-bald hairstyle.

| WA LALLA/YouTube

BamBam then commented that “anything would look good if you’re good-looking.”

| WA LALLA/YouTube

However, JB gave a humble statement, as he said that he doesn’t think that he’s good-looking.

| WA LALLA/YouTube

After JB said this, BamBam gave a savage response, as he told JB that he was talking about Mark. The members couldn’t help but laugh once BamBam made this savage comment.

| WA LALLA/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!