Books Are So Important To GOT7’s JB That His Morning Routine Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Them

Reading is a key step in his morning routine:

Everyone has a morning routine that helps them get out of bed and start their day off on the right foot. For GOT7‘s JB, this type of morning routing simply wouldn’t be complete without a few books!

In episode 6 of GOT7 OFFLINE, JB took fans behind-the-scenes of his photoshoot with MAPS magazine. Besides attacking everyone with his heart-fluttering visuals, JB also let Ahgase in on a few secrets including his ultimate morning routine.

While it’s certainly no secret that JB loves reading as fans have caught him diving into a good book plenty of times, in between shoots, JB revealed that he reads books every single morning.

You can’t imagine it. It’s true. I read books in the morning. Before reading this book, I went through five books at home.

— JB

When it comes to his reading ritual, JB has a few tricks to get himself hooked on the story and to set his quick reading pace.

Word by word and imagine what they mean. That’s the trick. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself halfway through a book!

— JB

Although sometimes his tricks work, other times they don’t…

I know you can’t imagine me doing it but I read books first thing in the morning. Sometimes I read books well and sometimes I don’t.

— JB

And when they don’t work, well, JB’s whole day is thrown off balance!

When I read through books easily, I stay more awake throughout the day. If not, I become a slow thinker. I sort of get that feeling. I love reading.

— JB

With his love of books, JB’s morning just wouldn’t be complete without a little light reading! Find out what else JB dished on below: