GOT7’s JB Got The Halloween Surprise Of A Lifetime When He Discovered A Real Bug In His Candy

JB got a trick and a treat in his Halloween candy:

This year GOT7 got the chance to do a Halloween-themed mukbang and enjoy some sweet and spooky treats. One treat that JB tried, however, turned out to be a little spookier than anyone could have imagined at first!


JB, Youngjae, Yugyeom, and BamBam were enjoying a wide variety of spooky treats from finger-shaped lollipops to pumpkin delights. So when JB and BamBam stumbled upon a sucker that appeared to have an insect in it, that’s exactly what they thought. That the piece of candy only looked like it had a bug in it.


With the interesting candy holding JB’s attention, he decided to find out what the candy was like.


As JB bit into the hard sweet, everyone tried to guess what the insect could be made out of. Was it jam? Honey? A cookie or biscuit?


Nope! It was none of the above! As they took a closer look, they realized it was one thing and one thing only, a real candied insect!


When they all found out it was, in fact, a real bug, JB tried explaining that it didn’t taste bad at all and just tasted sweet…

It doesn’t taste like an insect because the candy is so sweet. I can’t taste the insect at all.

— JB


But even though he didn’t think it tasted bad, JB was still having a bit of trouble coming to terms with his candy’s real identity.

But it doesn’t really look like a real insect. It looks like honey.

— JB


JB’s buggy experience is definitely not one that he’ll be forgetting anytime soon! Watch the moment JB realizes he really bit into a candied bug in the video below: