GOT7’s JB Made Ahgase Crack Up When He Snuck His Way Into Mark’s Ment

JB kept sneaking his way into Mark’s ment:

GOT7‘s Keep Spinning world tour recently took them to Paris where they brought some serious heat with their jaw-dropping performances, hilarious interactions, and fun ments including one of Mark‘s that contained an extra JB surprise.


During the concert, Mark was just having a nice moment talking to fans when JB decided to have a little bit of fun. With Mark’s moment with fans projected on the screens at the venue, JB went for it and sneakily popped onto the screen behind Mark.


JB didn’t stop at just one appearance though! As Mark continued talking, JB continued to pop up behind him and add a little bit of extraness to the whole experience!


And he wasn’t the only member either! As JB continued to troll Mark, other members popped into the frame too!


Pretty soon, however, JB was caught red-handed by Mark…


And with his plan fully exposed, Mark quickly dodged any further trolling moves by leaving him behind!


Ahgase have been cracking up hard not only at JB’s attempts at trolling Mark but also Mark’s hilarious reaction to it when he found out.


GOT7 truly are the kings of being extra!