GOT7’s JB Reveals How He Felt When Mark Left Korea

JB gave a simple answer.

GOT7‘s Mark recently left Korea to go back home to America. While Mark has made sure to let people know that he will be returning to Korea in the future, many still found it tough to see him leave. In a recent Instagram live, JB revealed how he felt when he saw Mark leave Korea.

GOT7’s Mark


JB shared that he couldn’t believe it when Mark left.

When he (Mark) leave, I can’t believe that. I thought, ‘Is it true?’

— JB

GOT7’s JB |

JB concluded by stating that it felt weird seeing Mark leave.

‘This is weird,’ I thought. That’s how I felt when it happened.

— JB

GOT7’s JB | 

While the GOT7 members didn’t renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment, they have stated multiple times that they will continue as a group.

Here’s the full video below!