GOT7’s JB Officially Discovered The Cat Backpack And Even Gifted One To His Friend

It’s official JB knows about cat backpacks:

It’s official, GOT7‘s JB definitely knows about cat backpacks!


A few months ago, Ahgase stumbled upon the cat backpack. Cat backpacks allow cat owners an alternative to leashes or harness to take their kitties out and about. At the time, fans joked about what would happen if JB ever saw the bag especially considering JB is the proud pet dad of 5 purr babies!


It turns out, however, they didn’t have to wonder long about what JB would do if he discovered this particular invention. Deepshower, a talented singer, producer, and a good friend of JB, just shared a photo of his own furbaby tucked in a kitty backpack captioned with,  “Thank you uncle Jaebeom,” on his Instagram stories.


Seeing the post, Ahgase are 100% sure that that backpack was a gift from JB which means that JB has definitely found out about it!


Now the only question is, did JB buy one for himself and his own purr babies!