GOT7’s JB Teased Fans With A Bit Of The Original “ECLIPSE” And Now We Need A Full Version

Seriously, we need a full version of it!

Although IGOT7’s love the version of “ECLIPSE” that was released, many fans can’t help wondering about the original version of the song. With the help of JB, however, everyone’s ears have been blessed with a bit of the original and now we desperately need a full version!


Shortly after GOT7 released their latest EP SPINNING TOP: Between Security & Insecurity, JB revealed that the title track “ECLIPSE” that was a part of the album wasn’t the original. Instead, JB teased fans by letting them know that the song was much simpler and in response, fans couldn’t help thinking about the mysterious original.


A few days ago, however, JB shed a little light on the mysterious track! During a recent fanmeeting, he surprised everyone by singing a bit of the song and letting everyone hear what the original melody sounded like!


The short piece of the song immediately took everyone’s breath away and soon fans were asking for the original version to drop too!


There’s no denying that the “ECLIPSE” we got was fantastic, but the original sounded like it would have been amazing too and maybe someday we’ll all be blessed with a longer version of it! Give a listen to “ECLIPSE” as well as JB’s original teaser below: