GOT7’s JB Had The Most Epic Comeback After Getting Teased For His Interaction With Weki Meki’s Yoojung

His comeback had everyone cracking up!

As the leader of a group that loves to tease each other, GOT7‘s JB has had lots of practice coming up with the perfect comeback so when he got teased for his interaction with Weki Meki‘s Yoojung on a recent episode of Prison Life of Fools JB immediately came back with some words that were priceless!


During the recent episode of Prison Life of Fools, it was revealed that Yoojung had prepared a special dance cover for the show.


Knowing that JB is a cast member, Yoojung surprised everyone with a dance cover of GOT7’s “Hard Carry”.


From the moment the music started, JB jumped right in and couldn’t help showing his excitement and enthusiasm for the surprise.


After the two of them showed off their flawless moves, JB thanked her with a bow and a handshake. But the handshake left JB open to a little teasing and Jung Hyung Don saw his chance. When he saw that, Jung Hyung Don teased JB by asking him why he had held her hand!

Why did you hold her hand?

— Jung Hyung Don


But JB had a response that was pure perfection that not only had everyone cracking up but also got a thumbs up from Yoojung.

If I hadn’t done it now, when would I have ever been able to?

— JB


Check out Yoojung and JB’s smooth moves, Jung Hyung Don’s teasing, and JB’s epic comeback in the video below: