GOT7’s JB Went Wild On Instagram Trying Out The Wackiest Filters

JB had a blast testing all the filters:

From discovering your Disney character twin to transforming yourself into an adorable puppy, there are a lot of interesting Instagram filters to test out and recently, GOT7‘s JB not only tested them he went on a wild filter testing spree!



On February 1, JB headed over to Instagram and dropped a series of Instagram stories and while all of JB’s stories always capture everyone’s heart, something about these particular stories immediately had everyone feeling seriously soft. The reason? JB had finally discovered some of the weird, wacky, and fun filters on Instagram and had decided to test them out!


With each of his new filter tests, JB tried filters more hilarious and random than the last!


Even better than seeing JB try out all these interesting filters? Seeing just how much he fun he had while doing it!


From matching his expression with the filter mood to bringing an extra dose of his signature cutie-sexy, JB left everyone grinning from ear to ear.


Ahgase have definitely been loving every second of JB’s filter fun and it’s easy to see why!