GOT7’s Jinyoung Nearly Annihilated Mark At A Trampoline Park

Jinyoung went from savage to sweet after K.O’ing his oldest member.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to see your life flash before your eyes, try playing games with GOT7‘s Jinyoung!


In Episode 18 of GOT7’s Tourlog, the members took dodge ball to the next level at BOUNCE Inc. trampoline park in Australia. GOT7 always plays like they work: hard. Nobody was going easy on their opponents, but the winner of the Most Vicious Player award was Jinyoung!


Jinyoung yeeted his ball at the speed of light, right into Mark‘s face. K.O!


In a flash, Jinyoung went from savage to sweet. He bounced over to make sure Mark was still alive, and hugged him like this.


Mark survived, but it was game over for him! He took a well-deserved break.


Check out the full episode here: