IGOT7’s Think They’ve Found The Main Difference Between GOT7’s Jinyoung And “Actor Park”

This could be the key difference!

On stage or on screen, GOT7‘s Jinyoung has a lot in common with his actor alter ego. “Actor Park” and “Idol Park” perform some amazing stunts, leave fans breathless with some stunning skills, and simply bring a smile to everyone’s face! But there is one key difference that fans have noticed between the actor version of Jinyoung and the idol version after he recently took over the red carpet!


Jinyoung recently attended the 24th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) where he lit up the red carpet in a dashing suit with a bowtie.


While Jinyoung had everyone swooning with his dashing good looks and gentlemanly charms, Ahgase were quick to pick up on one important detail from this red carpet event.


As actor Park emerged on the red carpet, he quickly started handing out finger heart after finger heart!


He even sent one straight to a cameraman!


While Jinyoung was happily delivering all those finger hearts on the red carpet, Ahgase were hilariously pointing out just how different idol Park reacts to finger hearts. As in, it’s pretty rare for Jinyoung to hand out those hearts…


And when he sees fans sending them his way, well, this is how he reacts!


Since Jinyoung was dishing out the finger hearts right and left, Ahgase couldn’t help but crack up over the difference between Jinyoung’s different sides!


Looks like we all have one more reason to love Jinyoung and his actor alter ego!