GOT7’s Jinyoung Was So Extra Filming The KBS Song Festival Teaser Even He Couldn’t Take It

The secondhand embarrassment was real:

With the 2019 KBS Song Festival (Gayo Daechukje) right around the corner, a few days ago KBS decided to amp up the excitement for the show with a brand new teaser featuring GOT7‘s Jinyoung, Red Velvet‘s Irene, MAMAMOO‘s Solar, MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk, TXT‘s Soobin, and Oh My Girl‘s Hyojung.


When Ahgase first saw the video KBS put together for the festival they were loving every single second of it especially after witnessing all the wild and hilariously extra things they got Jinyoung to do in the video! But now, Ahgase are loving it even more after taking a peek behind the scenes!


KBS just released a making film for the teaser revealing how they directed the idols to create the super fun teaser, and let’s just say that it came with a lot of nervousness and shyness and a little bit of embarrassment from them!


Especially for Jinyoung! During his camera close up, Jinyoung was told to act like he was trying to persuade his girlfriend and even before he had officially started he had the staff (and himself) cracking up!


From there, Jinyoung had everyone smiling with his various persuasive versions including his cute version and his pouty version!


As he continued to go all out, it was just too much for him! Finishing up one last close-up, Jinyoung couldn’t stop himself from slowly backing away before dropping down and laughing in embarrassment!


Ahgase can’t help cracking up over everything they witnessed especially Jinyoung’s adorable embarrassment!


Jinyoung, meanwhile, will be hosting the festival along with Irene and Shin Dong Yup on December 27. So while you wait for the big event, make sure you check out the full behind making film below to get even more pumped for the festival!