GOT7’s Jinyoung Stole A Flying Kiss From Mark Just So He Could Give It To Fans

He just wanted to send some love to fans…via Mark!

GOT7‘s latest Keep Spinning stop in Los Angeles not only included performances that were pure fire, but also a ton of amazing moments between members including one that has Ahgase everywhere cracking up!


It all started when Jinyoung decided to take a fan’s phone and take some photos and video of himself.


While a close-up video of Jinyoung would have already been amazing enough, Jinyoung was about to send even more love to fans…via Mark! After handing the phone back to the fans, Jinyoung spotted a rose on stage and promptly grabbed it.


After snagging the rose, Jinyoung made a beeline straight for Mark and without hesitation used his hand to steal a kiss from Mark to add onto the flower.


Why? Because he wanted to give the rose to Ahgase! After he had firmly affixed Mark’s kiss onto the flower, he sent it out into the crowd to find its place with a lucky fan!


While fans are a little envious of the anonymous lucky fan who got the flower (and Mark’s kiss), they can’t help stop cracking up over Jinyoung’s thieving ways!


But seriously, how can this whole moment be so cute!