GOT7’s Jinyoung Revealed One Of The Worst Things About Having The Same Name As Your Company CEO

This is one unique situation.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung has the same name as JYP Entertainment‘s founder, Park Jin Young, and this once led to a strange situation.

GOT7’s Jinyoung
Park Jin Young

During an episode of Knowing Brothers, Jinyoung shared that his mother used to send him kimchi very often, but one day they suddenly stopped getting delivered.

Jinyoung later found out that there was a special place for packages for Park Jin Young. Due to this, Jinyoung assumed that all of his kimchi was sent to Park Jin Young.

After this was found out, Jinyoung’s mother started sending packages to the name of “trainee Park Jinyoung”.

However, Park Jin Young stated that he normally doesn’t eat at home and that he doesn’t remember receiving any kimchi.

Here’s the full video below!