Fans Are Agreeing That GOT7 Jinyoung’s Struggles With A Straw Are The Cutest Thing Ever

Straw: 2 Jinyoung: 0

GOT7‘s Jinyoung has made hearts melt with his flawless vocals, impressive rap skills, stunning dance moves, heavenly visuals, and now…his struggles with a straw (or two)!


A few days ago during a fanmeeting, Jinyoung was spotted coming up with a genius solution to a pesky bottle cap problem. By poking a hole through the bottle cap, he’d be able to keep his straw out and sip at his leisure.


There was only one problem…the straw!


With the straw being just a little bit too short, Jinyoung was unable to carry out his plan and instead left fans chuckling over his cute reaction to the scenario.


But that wasn’t the end to Jinyoung’s straw woes! On June 1, GOT7 held a mini fanmeeting full of many wonderful surprises and hilarious moments including Jinyoung’s straw struggle part 2! During the fanmeet, Jinyoung was handed a drink. While the straw was already in the drink saving him from having to poke any holes…



The straw still had a bit of plastic protective wrap over it…


And Jinyoung didn’t notice until it was too late!


After successfully removing the plastic, however, Jinyoung was able to fully enjoy his beverage!


Fans, meanwhile, have been absolutely loving Jinyoung’s struggles. Many Ahgases can’t stop cracking up…


And everyone is in agreement that it’s the cutest thing ever!