GOT7 Are The Kings Of Viral Online Challenges

GOT7‘s members are active on social media and have taken on some of the best and most unusual trending challenges.

Bambam and Jackson often post videos of the group attempting online crazes. From the recent mannequin challenge craze to dabbing, GOT7 have tried all the latest trends. Check out some of their best attempts below.

GOT7 most recently attempted the mannequin challenge at the 2016 MAMA awards. Each member hilariously poses for the camera before unfreezing and dancing to Hard Carry. The challenge includes Jackson taking a silly selfie, Bambam hilariously revealing his outfit to JB and two adorable couple poses.

During their recent fan meeting in Singapore, GOT7 attempted the water bottle challenge. Each member tried to flip their water bottles in a relay. Some of them struggled but the ones who got it celebrated wildly.

GOT7 have become known with fans for their obsession with dance crazes Whip, Nae Nae, and dabbing. Bambam in particular often receives requests to dab for fans as if it is his signature move.

Jackson and Bambam also posted their attempts at the Running Man challenge to Instagram. Jackson’s hilarious attempt at the challenge sees him as he enters and exits the room dancing. While Bambam’s video begins with Jackson asking if he like Singapore before he breaks out into the famous dance.

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What will GOT7 try next?