GOT7’s Mark Is The Uncle We All Wish We Had

His relationship with his nieces is everything.

GOT7‘s Mark was able to spend some time with his adorable nieces when he visited his family in Los Angeles during their GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence In USA 2017 fan meet.


Mark hasn’t been able to see his family often since moving to Korea in 2010 to join JYP Entertainment. It’s always evident how much his family has missed him by their social media posts, and his nieces seem to miss him the most.


When he went to visit them in 2017, his brother-in-law posted this sweet video, saying that Mark was always in their thoughts and that every time he came back it was like he never left.


His nieces also proved that they were undoubtedly his number one fans! The youngest, Leila, jammed right along as she watched her uncle Mark and the GOT7 members on stage in one video.


In another, she was given a pop quiz on GOT7 songs from her parents, which she passed with flying colors.


Mark always makes sure that all his nieces’ love is given right back! Although Mark hasn’t been able to spend any time with them lately, in the past, he’s shown that he is a very loving uncle who loves to dote on his two nieces and take time to be silly and play with them.

Mark takes care in paying special attention to his nieces!
Just look how doting he is!


And even though he doesn’t get the chance to spend time with them very often, Mark makes sure that they get all of his love when he does. He really is the uncle that we all wish we had!

What a sweet family.
She certainly loves her uncle!