GOT7’s Mark Went On A Selca Upload Spree — Revealing All Of His “Super Idol League” Photos

Mark shared 18 silly, soft, and oh-so-sweet selcas 🥰

When GOT7‘s Mark uploads one selca, it’s already enough to make our hearts full but recently he blessed us all by dropping eighteen silly, soft, and oh-so-sweet selcas from his latest Super Idol League broadcast.

On July 31, Mark met up with fans for some epic game fun in his fourth broadcast of Super Idol League. In between games of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) and having a blast with fans, Mark snapped a whole bunch of fun selcas on his phone.

Mark snapping some selcas with his doggo Milo during the “Super Idol League” broadcast. | @lilybacci/Twitter

While fans had no idea whether or not Mark would upload the selcas or not, after getting a sneak peek of some of them when Mark turned his phone to the camera Ahgase were crossing their fingers that he would!

Knowing fans’ hearts, Mark didn’t keep them in suspense for long. Shortly after the broadcast ended, he surprised everyone by dropping them all on his SNS accounts; posting a collage of them on his Instagram and Twitter as well as the individual pics on his Weibo.

Ranging from super sweet…

To adorably goofy, Mark shared his irresistible charms once again with fans.

Unsurprisingly, Mark’s super heart-fluttering selcas had everyone going wild!

One selca from Mark is already super sweet but eighteen silly, soft, and sweet photos? Nothing could be more perfect!

Source: @段宜恩