Fans Are In Love With GOT7’s New Styling, Here’s Why

They’ve never looked better.

GOT7‘s latest styling change is attracting a lot of attention from fans, for all the right reasons.


Throughout their 4-year career, GOT7 has underdone many fashion transformations. They debuted with this high school rebel image…


…and switched up their looks to match their concepts from comeback…


…to comeback.


Although fans have loved each of GOT7’s stylings, the makeovers they’ve received for “Miracle” and I Won’t Let You Go may be the best yet.


Like “Miracle”, this look is soft and sweet, with just a sprinkle of whimsy.


Each member’s pastel outfit is mature and visually appealing, from their shirt collars down to their white shoes.


GOT7’s look for their third Japanese mini-album, I Won’t Let You Go, is a continuation of the group’s A+ new styling. GOT7’s stylists switched out the group’s matching pastels for matching neutral hues and blues, but kept the same sophisticated “boyfriend” style fans have fallen for.


Ahgases are now praising GOT7’s new look and the style team that made it happen.


To see more, check out GOT7’s “Miracle” MV here…


…and their I Won’t Let You Go teaser here.