GOT7’s Youngjae Is The Cutest Dog Dad To Coco

He loves her with all his heart!

It’s clear that GOT7‘s Youngjae has a soft spot for his dog Coco, and honestly we don’t blame him. Youngjae and Coco have been showing off their charms on OOTV, and we just can’t get enough of how sweet Youngjae is towards Coco.

| OOTV오오티비/YouTube

Youngjae showed off the dog tumbler he made in his recent collaboration for Coco when they go out on walks.

He also has a lot of various toys like nosework toys for her.

He’s even given up his own belongings to her since she wanted it, like this blanket.

OOTV gifted Coco some gifts, and Youngjae got excited to open them! He was especially excited to see a ramen nosework toy. He was so proud when she found the treat!

And of course he can’t help but tease his adorable child—er, dog.

He clearly loves spoiling her!

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