GOT7’s Youngjae Reveals His Sweet New Friendship With SHINee’s Onew

The two got closer during rehearsals for their musical!

Showings for the musical The Sun’s Song officially began last week, featuring a cast full of stars like SHINee‘s Onew, DAY6‘s Wonpil, GOT7‘s Youngjae, and Lovelyz‘s Kei.

In his recent live broadcast, Youngjae shared how he felt about his performance for the first showing of The Sun’s Song, and how he got closer to Onew through the musical.

Onew, Youngjae, and Wonpil were all cast as the male lead Ha Ram. Because of that, Youngjae revealed that he and Onew would follow each other around during rehearsals and give each other water. Onew would also gave him tips on how to improve his performance!

Their friendship is so sweet and supportive!

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