GOT7’s Youngjae Hilariously Revealed That An Agency Recently Street-Cast Him— Without Realizing He Was A Celebrity

It was a crazy coincidence!

In a recent live broadcast, GOT7‘s Youngjae shared the story of how an agency recently approached him for a street cast without recognizing who he was.


Youngjae shared that he and two of his friends were wandering around after eating dinner at the CoEx mall when three people suddenly approached him to street cast him. Youngjae was understandably flustered, and wasn’t sure if he should reveal his identity or not.

He ended up playing a little prank on them, but quickly revealed his true identity once he realized people began noticing him. After realizing that they were doing this for practice, Youngjae sweetly offered his assistance by asking if they had any questions.

No hard feelings were taken, and Youngjae answered their questions the best that he could. It was definitely a hilarious coincidence!

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