GOT7’s Youngjae Wants To Start His Own YouTube Channel

His channel may include song covers and vlogs.

In the March issue of The Star magazine, GOT7’s Youngjae revealed his goals and plans for the year, including his desire to start his very own YouTube channel.

Youngjae mentioned that he wants to freely upload covers or self-composed songs, and wants to share vlogs of the composing process as well.

In terms of his bucket list for the year, or even next year, he shared his wish to top the music charts. For a potential solo album, Youngjae would like to show a different side of himself and release a ballad.

He also provided fans with some tips on how to stay positive and become happier.

If I have negative, or too many, thoughts in my head, I clean the house, wash the dishes, or look for dusty things to clean. I think that makes the thoughts go away.

– Youngjae

The rest of 2021 looks to be an exciting and creative time for Youngjae!




Source: Naver