GOT7’s BamBam Reveals His Former Childhood Friends Made Fun Of Him For Wanting To Become A K-Pop Idol

Now they are his former friends for a good reason!

K-Pop wouldn’t be the same without its talented idols, whether they are from Korea or from across Asia.

GOT7 perfectly exemplifies how charismatic and talented a group can be with members from multiple countries and backgrounds.

As one of the most visible K-Pop groups internationally, GOT7 was invited by TeenVogue to pick out their favourite songs.

BamBam chose “Congratulations” by Post Malone as his favourite, but for a reason that was more personal.

As many fans know, BamBam left Thailand when he was only 13 years old after being recruited by JYP Entertainment when he won a dance cover competition.

Although BamBam was incredibly talented from such a young age, he still had to deal with a lot of sceptics, even from his school friends.

When I moved to Korea, a lot of my friends made fun of me like “You’re not gonna make it…”

Jackson commented that those people gave off nothing but “negative vibes”.

Had BamBam listened to those friends, he would never have been able to become the idol that fans know and love.

But BamBam knew that as long as he tried, there was still a chance.

And his courage and willpower prevailed, as BamBam caught the eye of former CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-Suk for his unique charm and magnetic dancing prowess, that JYP ultimately decided to add BamBam to the GOT7 lineup.

Since then, GOT7 has experienced incredible success, especially in BamBam’s native country.

In particular, BamBam has been heralded as “Thailand’s treasure”, mentioning that his ads are all over the country.

GOT7 and BamBam’s popularity in Thailand is unbelievable, with BamBam and his mother owning 50 restaurants across their home country!

With such immense success, BamBam revealed that many of his former friends who made fun of him in the first place have now tried to reconnect.

And then now I made it … And then right now, everybody’s like “Oh, Congratulations” and they’re like “Oh we used to be friends”

But BamBam has no interest in ever being friends with those people again!

BamBam reveals that “Congratulations” was his favourite song because it reminds him of how he still pursued success in spite of the criticisms and sneers of other people.

Thanks to his hard work and patience, BamBam is able to reap the rewards of his success! And to that fans say “Congratulations” BamBam!