GOT7’s Jackson And MONSTA X’s Joohoney Are So Close They Even React The Same To Their Members Being Cringey

“Excuse me, can we cut?”

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney and GOT7‘s Jackson are very close friends, and that can’t be mistaken after the way they both reacted to their group members being questionable.

When BamBam debuted his pick up line, Jackson was far from impressed and tried to keep the moment from making the final video. With a serious face, he urged the editors to “Please, cut that out.”

When I.M and Minhyuk were dancing like puppies, the rest of the group couldn’t take how cringey it was. So, Joohoney said, “Excuse me, can we cut?”

Jackson and Joohoney both have the first instinct to remove a scene when their members do something better left unseen. Because of that, they’re more alike than they’d probably like to admit.

Watch Joohoney try to shut down the set here.