GOT7’s Jackson Reveals His Diet, Which Surprisingly Involves Cup Noodles

He also speaks on the reasons behind this surprising detail.

GOT7‘s Jackson is famous for his chiseled jawline and rock-hard abs.

Many fans have been wondering what exactly Jackson does to maintain a superstar body.

In an interview for GQ Magazine, Jackson revealed that he doesn’t actually follow a diet, and eats whatever he wants–including cup noodles!

I used to cut out carbs because I would diet, but then I realized, why can’t I eat carbs? I started eating rice, Cup Noodles, whatever I want. Of course, I still need to be in shape.

— Jackson

The reason behind this? Jackson shared that he didn’t feel as “emotionally healthy”.

 I think it’s because I wasn’t eating right and I wasn’t sleeping right. Every day, I was calculating this and that—I can’t eat that, I have to work out this area. It was like math to me. But why not take it slow? At the end of the day, I’m still me.

— Jackson

Jackson felt that being more lenient on his eating habits allowed him to be more emotionally free.

In terms of self-control, it’s not like I don’t care and I’m going to eat whatever I want to an unhealthy point. I’ll be within the boundaries, but I’m going to lower the line of expectation a little bit.

— Jackson

Jackson’s latest release, “Oxygen”, definitely shows off the fruits of his labour. Check it out below.

Source: GQ