GOT7’s Jay B Reveals What Life Is Like After Becoming A Freelancer

It is a new chapter in his career!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently sat down with THE STAR‘s YouTube channel and spoke about his career and life after leaving JYP Entertainment.

In the interview, the first question was, “How are you doing these days?” As expected, Jay B had a perfectly witty answer with a solid Harry Potter reference!

He expanded on that, saying that he is now living the life of a typical freelancer.

I work when I have work and take a rest and make songs when I don’t have work!

— GOT7’s Jay B

Jay B also said how much he enjoys working and communicating directly with people rather than going through managers.

I realized that their answers were confirmed so many times and went through so many steps when I asked my managers to do something in the past.

— GOT7’s Jay B

Speaking about this new stage of his career, he also touched upon the recent news that the members of GOT7 were not renewing their contracts with JYP Entertainment.

Other members quickly chose their agencies, but I decided to choose mine carefully.

— GOT7’s Jay B

Although he didn’t want to seem like he was blaming his former company, Jay B explained that the members had to look at the best way to help GOT7 as a group when making their decision.

Luckily, even though the members have joined different companies, the group still wants to continue working together and creating music for their fans!

You can watch the whole video below!