GOT7’s Jay B Received Surprise Birthday Messages From His Members, And It Had Both Jay B And Ahgases Feeling Soft

“It would have been better if I was with you right now.”

GOT7’s Jay B received some surprise messages from his members for his birthday, and he had the most heartwarming reaction. And he was not alone in that, as the outpouring of affection for him from the members also had Ahgases feeling soft.

The members sent messages to KBS Cool FM‘s Station Z, as the staff had apparently planned it as a surprise for Jay B. Jay B seemed not only happy to receive the messages, but he also even seemed to get a little emotional! The first message he listened to was Yugyeom‘s, who sang him “Happy Birthday” and gave him his warm well-wishes. Jay B already seemed really moved!

| @jaebambum/Twitter

Next came BamBam, who both opened and closed his message with his signature, “Skrt skrt.” He made sure to thank Jay B for being a great leader, as well as to hilariously remind him to buy him something delicious!

Third was Jinyoung, who was recognizable from his more formal tone (compared to the other members). But while he did not try to be funny, he had a very thoughtful message…

…adding that he “prayed that this year [Jay B] would be happy, healthy and would achieve all of his goals.” This message was followed by Youngjae‘s, who hilariously promised to “be good” to Jay B in the future, but also gave some warm words of encouragement.

Last, but not least, was Jackson‘s message, which started off funny (and got a great reaction out of Jay B)…

…before he got more serious and gave his well-wishes for Jay B’s health. But perhaps more touchingly, he also said that he is always thinking of him, and that the whole team is always cheering him on.

Jackson also sent a very thoughtful video message, which was uploaded to the Instagram account of Station Z. In it, he said, “It’s been so long since we have seen each other. It would have been better if I was with you right now.

Jay B was clearly very touched as he listened to the members’ messages, and he had something of his own to say back to them in his signature humble style.

But he wasn’t the only one who was touched by the caring messages of his members; fans also felt extremely moved…

…and thanked both the members and Jay B’s staff for making this special moment happen.

With Youngjae claiming that the bond between the GOT7 members is stronger than ever, it is clear that fans will always be able to count on the genuine friendship that the seven of them have. We are very much looking forward to having them back together soon!