GOT7’s Mark Breaks Down In Tears During GOT7 Fan Event

During the on-stage mention at GOT7‘s recent fan meeting, member Mark became emotional when speaking about his family members.

GOT7 recently held their 3rd Fanmeet: We Under the Moonlight at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on February 5th. During the onstage mention moment, member Mark was given a chance to speak candidly about his feelings and emotions with IGOT7. He stated that he missed his family, and began to break down in tears as he spoke of his homesickness. Mark is originally from Los Angeles California, and as such finds himself far from home while working and promoting in Korea.

Mark spoke openly with the audience, having a chance to share how he really felt in a way that is not often seen.

As he became emotional he also expressed his compassion toward IGOT7, thanking them for their support and asking to step forward together.

The other members of GOT7 came to his aid in comfort.

Jinyoung attempted to hide Mark’s tears with the towel.

The other members gathered around him in support and comfort.

Mark was recently able to spend the Lunar New Year with his family and the rest of the GOT7 members, however, the homesick feeling is still completely understandable. After all, everyone loves Mark’s parents, so his feelings toward his family are no surprise.