GOT7’s Parents Are So Close They’re Basically Siblings

These K-Pop parents are family goals.

GOT7‘s parents are just as close as the GOT7 members; so close they’re practically siblings, according to Mark‘s father, aka Papa Tuan!

Papa Tuan posted an excited tweet about his “Korean brothers and sisters” coming to Los Angeles.


Some of GOT7’s parents headed to LA to support the boys on their “EYES ON YOU” tour and Papa Tuan shared pictures showing their close relationship.


Papa Tuan hasn’t been shy about sharing his friendship with the other GOT7 parents in the past. In 2017, he hung out with JB‘s parents in Japan!


And Mark’s parents spent time at BamBam‘s mom’s restaurant when they traveled to Thailand.


The group has been together for more than four years, so it’s no surprise their parents have met – but fans have been pointing out how cute it is that they get along so well.


They’re one big, happy family!