GOT7’s Youngjae And BamBam Tried To Draw Their Group Logo And It Was Unrecognizable

Fans wondered if they’d ever seen it.

GOT7 tried nine things they’d never done before with Allure, and things got a bit out of hand.

With blush sticks attached to light sabers, Youngjae and BamBam had to draw their group logo.

As soon as they started drawing, BamBam knew they weren’t going to be able to do it properly and asked, “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

When they finished their work, they both burst into laughter at the chaos they’d created because it looked nothing like their logo.

One of the most recognizable parts of it is the star above the seven, which Youngjae and BamBam had drawn in the wrong place. For reference, this is what it was supposed to look like:

They were so off the mark that fans had to ask if they’d ever seen their own logo before.

See the chaos that they drew here and judge for yourself.