gugudan’s Sejeong Bashes “Rude Hoobae” on Knowing Bros, Netizens Busy Figuring Out Who

Netizens are curious to know!

On Knowing Bros, gugudan‘s Sejeong shared how re-debuting after the popular auditioning program Produce 101 has made things “awkward” between her and another K-Pop idol in the industry.


When the show host Lee Sang Min, who would be considered a former industry senior for his part in the first generation group Roo’ra, asked about how current K-Pop groups approach the sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior) relationships, Sejeong explained that it depends on when the idol debuted.


However, she added, this became a bit confusing because of TV shows like Produce 101 that allows debuted idols to return to training and re-debut.

For example, Wanna One would be a hoobae group so I can treat them casually, but at the same time, a NU’EST member who would be sunbae to me is also in that group. So I’d say hello to everyone as a group first, then to the sunbae separately.

— Sejeong



When another show host, Heechul, added that the K-Pop industry now also factors in popularity into such sunbae-hoobae relationships, Sejeong agreed and commented, “I actually had something sad happen to me because of that.”


Sejeong was cautious about sharing the details, but she explained that a hoobae treated her differently when she was a part of I.O.I and when she became a part of gugudan.

I don’t want to share the name, but… when I was in I.O.I and also promoting ‘Flower Way’, this idol would come greet me so nicely.

— Sejeong


Sejeong explained that once she re-debuted as gugudan, this “idol group member” ignored her and didn’t say hello.


She didn’t disclose if the said idol is male or female, but she did comment it breaks her heart to see people act that way. Sejeong cheekily dished that “popularity shouldn’t be everything” and laughed the whole situation off.

Don’t ask me who it was, but it really breaks my heart when people do that. People really shouldn’t act that way, you know. Fame isn’t everything.

— Sejeong


Once the episode aired, netizens became set on figuring out who the idol could have been – by working out the details of which groups promoted during the same time Sejeong was promoting both as I.O.I and as gugudan. Unfortunately, without further details like if the said “idol” belonged to a boy group or a girl group, the answer remains unknown.