Gugudan’s Sally Has An Absurd Amount of Siblings

Gugudan‘s Sally revealed this surprising fact about herself to one lucky fan at a recent fansign event.

Gugudan held a fansign on March 5 in Ilsan, where Sally revealed a surprising fact about her siblings. Sally admitted this surprising fact to a lucky fan who took to Twitter to relay their conversation.

Below is a translation of their conversation:

Fan: Sally, it looks like you like Mimi the most. Tell me three reasons why you like her.

Sally: She’s cute! I like cute people. She’s cute and pretty! That’s why I like her. And she’s the same age as my sister.

Fan: Oh, do you have one older sister?

Sally: Me? I have a lot of older sisters! I have four.

Fan: Then are you the youngest?

Sally: Nope, I have eight~ I’m the fifth!

Fan: You have eight siblings????

Sally: Seven girls and one boy!

Fan: The boy is the youngest?

Sally: Yes!


Gugudan’s Sally holding her birthday cake.

Coming from a family of nine children, it’s no wonder Gugudan’s Sally fits so well with her 8 group mates.

Source: Twitter