Ham So Won Claims She Got 5 Nose Jobs so That She Could Become Rich

She did her research before getting a nose job.

On a recent episode of TV Joseon’s Wife’s Taste, Ham So Won and her husband, Jin Hua made everyone burst into laughter with an unexpected revelation about her multiple nose jobs.

While watching footage of Ham So Won and her mother-in-law consulting a plastic surgeon, the panel went into a discussion about plastic surgery in general.

Broadcaster Lee Ha Jung confessed that she got her nose done when she entered college.

I got my nose done when I entered college.

– Lee Ha Jung

That’s when Ham So Won advised her of how to fix her nose so that she can make a lot of money.

I think it’d be nice if you lowered the tip of your nose a little. In terms of physiognomy, the nose is directly connected to money.

– Ham So Won

When broadcaster Jang Young Ran asked Ham So Won how many times she got her nose done, Ham So Won’s husband, Jin Hua made everybody die of laughter by answering in her stead.

She got her nose done 5 times.

– Jin Hua

In response, Ham So Won explained that she got her nose done following the patterns of physiognomy in order to become rich.

What I did was physiognomy plastic surgery. I researched the faces of people who have a lot of money. Since bent noses lead to curve balls in life, I made my nose nice and straight.

– Ham So Won

She then advised Lee Ha Jung that her nose leads to a loss of money.

I see some leakage of money. You need to have a bit of a point to the end of your nose.

– Ham So Won

Ham So Won’s level of honesty is receiving comments from netizens such as “I love how honest she is“, “She might be right“, and “They’re hilarious“.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight