Ham So Won Says Clubbing Is the Reason Why She Can Speak Chinese so Fluently

She says she became fluent in Chinese after just a year because she went clubbing every day.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s Love of 7.7 Billion, former Miss Korea, Ham So Won appeared as a guest where she revealed her secret to being so fluent in Chinese.

In the past, Ham So Won appeared in various Chinese dramas and films in addition to her activities in Korea.

Host Shin Dong Yup revealed that Ham So Won learned Chinese in just a year and that the reason for it was clubbing.

Ham So Won became fluent in Chinese after spending just 1 year in China. And what’s surprising is that she says the secret behind that was clubbing every single day.

– Shin Dong Yup

In response, Ham So Won revealed the details of her clubbing process and that quite a lot of effort went into it.

During the afternoons, I looked through the texts that I exchanged with guys the night before to memorize words, and I even continued to exchange texts. And at night, I went out clubbing again so that I could practice it on them.

– Ham So Won

Following the shocking reveal, Shin Dong Yup joked that she must have exchanged numbers with guys she didn’t even like in order to improve her Chinese.

You probably gave guys your number even if you weren’t interested in them just so you could practice…

– Shin Dong Yup

Nevertheless, Ham So Won became very fluent in Chinese using this method and even married a Chinese man, Jin Hua who is 18 years younger than she is.

Props to Ham So Won for her unique but successful method of learning a new language!

Source: Dispatch