Ham So Won Hit With Harsh Criticism for Wearing the Same Jacket for 4 Weeks in a Row

Netizens have divided opinions.

On a recent episode of TV Joseon’s Wife’s Taste, Ham So Won was seen leaving her daughter with her mother-in-law before putting on her jacket to head out.

But when the show’s panel saw the jacket she was putting on, they couldn’t help but express their surprise.

Isn’t that winter jacket the one you wore today?

– Panel

In response, Ham So Won nodded in embarrassment.

Park Myung Soo further confirmed it by adding that she wore that same jacket to a past recording as well.

She wore that jacket when we were recording for another show.

– Park Myung Soo

It was then confirmed that Ham So Won wore that same jacket on the show for 4 weeks straight.

Ahead of this incident, Ham So Won revealed that she cherishes her belongings and that when she buys something, she makes it last 15 years.

I take good care of my winter jackets. When I buy something, I make it last for at least 15 years.

– Ham So Won

And following the show, netizens had divided opinions on the matter.


Some netizens defended her habit, claiming that it was normal to wear a winter jacket for a long time.

Why is that weird? When we buy winter jackets, we wear it for a long time.

Celebrities are no different from average people.

– Netizens

On the other hand, other netizens criticized Ham So Won for not acting like a typical celebrity.

She makes a lot of money, so I feel like she’s overly stingy.

Don’t most celebrities alternate between 2 to 3 winter jackets?

It’s not like she doesn’t have other jackets, so I don’t know why she was to be rude and wear just one on the show.

Everyone has different values, but Ham So Won is excessive when it comes to her obsession with money. People think it’s good, but I disagree. Poor people should be frugal, but rich people should spend. It’s not virtuous for rich people to save their money. Rich people should spend money so that the money can circulate. The amount they can spend is on another level, so I don’t know what to say.

Is she seriously a celebrity? If you make money, take better care of yourself.

– Netizens

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Source: Insight