Here’s Why Han Ye Seul Sent Crush a Personal DM at a Recent Party

Han Ye Seul is a fan with manners.

Han Ye Seul recently shared a YouTube video of her attending a Valentino party, which revealed that she sent a personal DM to Crush.

At the brand party, Crush was one of the performers, and when it was his turn to light up the stage, Han Ye Seul stood at the very front and grooved along.

And following the performance, Han Ye Seul sent Crush a personal DM that read, “Hello, this is Han Ye Seul. I really enjoyed your performance at the Valentino party. I hope I wasn’t being too noisy at the front. That was my first time in such a place. I just wanted to ask if I can use the footage shot during your performance for my YouTube channel.

In response, Crush replied, “Hello! That was a fun night! Of course, you can use it. Thank you. I’m a huge fan.”

At the end of the performance, Han Ye Seul even showed off a cute side to her by asking fans, “How many of you have watched Crush’s performance from so up close?

She’s a big fan, but a fan with good manners.

Check out the full vlog below:

Source: Dispatch