Han Ye Seul Shows off Her Edgy New Tattoo in the Most Gorgeous Place

Han Ye Seul added yet another gorgeous tattoo to her collection.

Han Ye Seul recently shared a photo of herself looking gorgeous as always, but what stood out was an edgy new tattoo that people hadn’t seen before.

Her new tattoo is located right below her chest, and it’s a drawing of three swords pointing downward.


Not only is the new tattoo edgy, but the location of it adds a sexy touch that is only fitting of Han Ye Seul.


In the past, Han Ye Seul received a lot of attention for the tasteful tattoos all over her body.

She has one on her back…

One on her arm…

One on her wrist…


And although it is suspected to have been a temporary tattoo, she totally owned the floral tattoos she once flaunted on her chest.

When you’re Han Ye Seul, there’s nothing that can’t be pulled off.

Source: Insight