Han Ye Seul’s Video Editor Apologizes for Inappropriate Captions in Recent Upload

Fans believe her captions imply that Han Ye Seul is a high maintenance woman.

Han Ye Seul recently uploaded a video titled, “Revealing Han Ye Seul’s Closet! Packing for Travel” and her video editor is being criticized for adding inappropriate captions that imply Han Ye Seul is a high maintenance woman.

The video introduced Han Ye Seul’s closet, and she introduced a dress while explaining, “When you wear a short skirt, always wear underpants. And not colorful ones, but black. If you wear nude, it’ll just look like you’re naked.

But as she explained this, the captions read, “Is she promoting an underpants brand?” and showed a character with a nosebleed.

In response, fans are questioning what underpants have to do with a character getting a nosebleed.

And that’s not all. Han Ye Seul also showed off a designer piece that she once modeled for and confessed, “This is my biggest love. I used to be a model for them.

But the captions read, “Are we having soybean stew for dinner tonight?” And when Han Ye Seul introduced a pair of shoes, the captions read, “They look like boots that restaurant ladies wear.

Many fans believe that the reference to soybean stew implies that Han Ye Seul is a high maintenance woman due to a saying that exists in Korean, and they’ve been expressing their discontent with captions that were both insulting and hard to understand.

In response to the backlash, the video editor commented, “I’ve made arrangements to delete the comments that are perceived as inappropriate or easy to misunderstand. I’ll be more careful from now on. I’m very sorry.

Source: Insight