What Happened To This Woman Will Make You Never Want To Eat Seafood Again

Well, that’s gross!

While eating squid in Korea, one woman had a rather unfortunate and disturbing situation occur.


It’s common for Koreans to eat raw or partially cooked octopus and squid so it wasn’t abnormal for one woman to eat some semi-boiled squid.


Although her reaction to eating it was abnormal when she felt a sudden sharp pain in her mouth.


Even after she went home, the pain persisted.


Feeling like there was leftover squid in her mouth, she tried over and over to spit it out, however, she just couldn’t shake the strange sensation of bugs crawling in her mouth.


When the feeling didn’t recede, the woman went to see a doctor only to find out that her mouth had been inseminated by the squid.

Beak and Tentacles of Jumbo Squid Humboldt Squid Dosidicus gigas Loreto Sea of Cortez Baja California East Pacific Mexico / DailyMail


A dozen cephalopod sacs were stuck to the inside of the woman’s mouth and were identified as being squid spermatophores.


These little pods contain squid semen which is used during reproduction.


Shocking as it may sound, these incidences are more common than you would expect in eastern nations since squid are often eaten whole or raw.


But if you enjoy eating squid in the west, have no fear!


Organs are removed before cooking, so they’re clear of any spermatophores.


But how scared would you be if you found out a squid had impregnated your mouth?


Talk about a creepy situation! Yikes!


Source: Daily Mail