Is Harry Styles In His Aegyo Era? Fans Are Convinced

The One Direction to K-Pop stan pipeline is real.

People often joke about the One Direction fan to K-Pop stan pipeline…

But is our One Direction “bias” comparable to our K-Pop biases? One might argue Harry Styles, like many idols, defies toxic masculinity and gender norms. But have you ever seen him do aegyo?

Now, we have… Sort of.

TikTok user @strawberryhasacake shared a clip of Harry Styles acting exaggeratingly cute with audio from the aegyo song “Ottoke [What Should I Do] Song” by Oh My Girl’s Hyojung. They put text over it, “Harry’s aegyo era,” and captioned it, “Harry oppa saranghae.”


Harry oppa saranghae~~ JAJAJSJAJ me encantó el vídeo, tiene de todo, Harry pájaro amarillo, aegyo, Harry Simón bolivar y pasión de gavilanes te amo Harry #teamoharry #aegyo #harrystyles #harryshouse #kpop #humor #boygroup #daylight

♬ Daylight – Harry Styles

The video went viral with 32.3K views and 10.6K likes at the time of writing. Netizens joked he is the “original maknae!” 

| @strawberryhasacake/TikTok

The clip was actually taken from Harry Style’s new music video for his song “Daylight.” We don’t know if it’s the music change, but it’s giving less aegyo. But you can watch it below and decide for yourself if Styles is in his “aegyo era!”

Source: strawberryhasacake

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