Haters Attacked Yulhee For Being Engaged To Minhwan… Here’s How FTISLAND Responded

All of FTISLAND responded to the haters.

FTISLAND Minhwan’s sudden decision to marry former LABOUM member Yulhee took many by surprise and some have outright criticized it. Netizens cited Yulhee’s young age (she is 20 years old) as a matter of concern, believing her (and perhaps Minhwan who is 25) to be too young for such a serious commitment.

FTISLAND’s Hongki took the initiative and responded to them on Hongki’s Kiss the Radio:

“Some people asked me, “Isn’t it too fast?” But the truth is that the two of them are happy together. You guys don’t have to worry about it. You have nothing to get so excited about.”

— FTISLAND’s Hongki

Hongki and other members of FTISLAND also went on to comment on their fellow member’s marriage on their Instagram pages. Here’s how each member responded.

1. Hongki

Our youngest!!! Choiminari!!! Is getting married!!!♡♡

I’m so so happy for you and this is crazy ㅋㅋ Be happy and healthy and, as you said, let’s make even better music. Do you like being the first in the group to get married, even before the hyungs? Look at Jong Hoon’s face…ㅋㅋㅋ My little brother, congratulations and let’s all be happy ❤❤ I want to get married too!!!!!
PS Primadonnas:

당황스럽죠 어쩌면 미울수도있어요

It might come as a surprise, or some of you might feel a bit of hate toward him. A lot of people worried about Min Hwan. He says he will make a lot of better music. We want to always be your best friend. Please bless him~^^”

— FTISLAND’s Hongki

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2. Jaejin

I see that you are going ahead on a path to happiness before your hyungs. We will keep blessing your life and marriage. And, to our fans, please bless Minhwan!❤️🙏🏻🤘🏻👍”

— FTISLAND’s Jaejin

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3. Jonghoon

“Our youngest, he’s responsible and diligent. Sure, he’s young, but I know that he will live well, so all the members blessed his decision. Of course, Yulhee also seems like a responsible and kind person. I really wish for this beautiful relationship to become a happy marriage. Be happy 🙂 Congratulations. Our youngest, minari💙”

— FTISLAND’s Jonghoon

4. Seunghyun

“Minhwan!!! I’m always on your side! ^^ I want to congratulate you and please be there for me as a life sunbae ㅎㅎ Congratulations😍”

— FTISLAND’s Seunghyun

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Source: Naver Entertainment