This “Heartbeat” Theory About RM And V Is Punching Fans In The Feels

Fans are hoping that this devastating “Heartbeat” theory isn’t true.

On June 28, BTS dropped “Heartbeat”, the title track for the BTS WORLD game OST, along with the full soundtrack. The music video shows clips from “Another Story”: an in-game alternate universe where each BTS member has a different job in 2012.

“Another Story” V is a high school city boy who travels to the countryside to help out at a farm during his summer break.

“Another Story” RM is a literature-student-turned-detective who uses his genius-level IQ to solve crimes.

In the “Heartbeat” MV, Detective RM runs from place to place, desperately looking for someone but never finding them. RM could be chasing a criminal…

…but what if, instead, he’s searching for someone who needs saving? Someone like…


During the BTS Universe / HYYH era, V killed his abusive father in both the “I Need U” MV and Save Me webtoon. At the beginning of the “on stage: prologue” MV, V calls one of his older friends for help.

Who would be better to call in this situation than a cop?

It’s long been theorized that V was calling RM, but RM was unable to answer the call and help him. Save Me implied that RM couldn’t take the call because he was already in jail, but one imaginative ARMY has a new take on it.

What if RM couldn’t reach V because he was stuck in a different BTS universe?

As always, theories like this one create more questions than answers, but it’s interesting to think about! For more, check out these tiny details you may have missed in the “Heartbeat” MV.

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