Heechul Causes Uproar for Knowing About Seolhyun’s Unique Body Part

Heechul is close with many female idols, and this time viewers were shocked to find out how much he knows about Seolhyun’s body. 

AOA recently made a guest appearance on JTBC‘s variety show program Knowing Brothers. In a segment where Seolhyun asks the cast members to guess where her unique body part is, Heechul instantly knows the answer by saying ‘She has a mole on her tongue‘.

His speed to answering Seolhyun’s question immediately causes an uproar among other cast members, questioning him why would he know such intimate information, and even fellow member Mina stares at him in disbelief.

In response, Heechul tried to explain that he saw her tongue during a trip together to Gangchon, but soon becomes flustered and stutters while trying to give a clear answer. The curiosity among the cast members grew even stronger when Seolhyun and Heechul were both caught trying to drink water at the same time in order to relieve the situation, wondering if there’s something going on between them.

The segment hilariously ended with Seolhyun becoming Heechul’s partner for the rest of the show for answering Seolhyun’s question correctly. Watch the hilarious moment in the clip below: