Heechul and Kang Ho Dong did something you might regret seeing

Kim Heechul and Kang Ho Dong wore long wigs and some makeup to look like exotic princesses for the variety show Knowing Bros.

On March 11, Kim Heechul updated his Instagram with a selfie alongside Kang Ho Dong, who appeared to have been given a Cleopatra makeover.

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“Nie Xiaoqian & Cleopatra #knowingbros #niexiaoqian #heenim #cleopatra #kanghodong”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul

In the picture, Kim Heechul was dressed up as the ghost of Nie Xiaoqian from the popular Chinese film, A Chinese Ghost Story, while Kang Ho Dong was dressed up as the famous Ancient Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra.

Kim Heechul’s followers were amazed to see how beautiful he looked in a long wig, and left comments such as “He’s prettier than a girl“, “I thought it was an actual girl….“, and even “Heechul looks best when he’s cross-dressing“.

Some of his followers also congratulated both Kim Heechul and Kang Ho Dong on acheiving their goal of 5% viewership for Knowing Bros on March 11.

Source: OSEN