Heechul Reveals Two ‘Secrets’ About Girls’ Generation Seohyun

Super Junior‘s Heechul stays true to his reputation as the most brutal truth-teller in K-Pop.

On the January 5 broadcast of Onstyle’s Lipstick Prince, Girls’ Generation Seohyun made a guest appearance as the show’s 6th princess.

During the episode, Heechul revealed that “Seohyun really does not have any aegyo,” which proved to be a sensitive issue for Seohyun. Shedding her conservative and respectful image, Seohyun quickly countered by saying “just not to you, oppa” in a rather sassy tone.

Kangnam then proceeded to jump into the conversation, asking “if you are meeting your boyfriend, would you have a lot of aegyo then?”

But before Seohyun could answer, Heechul quickly jumped into say “I don’t think she’s ever had a boyfriend before.”

Source: MyDaily