Heechul Tugs at Fans’ Heart Strings With a Sad Remark Made in a Recent Instagram Post

“I don’t know when I’ll end up disappearing from the entertainment industry…” – Heechul

Super Junior‘s Heechul recently commemorated his 15-year debut anniversary by sharing photos of the gifts he received from fans.

And in a caption, Heechul thanked his fans for always cheering him on.

It’s already been 15 years since I debuted. Thank you trusting and cheering me on for the last 15 years.

– Heechul

Heechul continued and stressed just how thankful he is to fans.

To everyone who shower me with love. If we happen to run into each other one day, I’d like to express just how thankful I am.

– Heechul

But what he wrote next tugged on the heartstrings of fans for how sad that would be if it were to happen.

I don’t know when I’ll end up disappearing from the entertainment industry, but I’ll make sure to stay modest so that I can remain in your memory as a good person.

– Heechul

Heechul debuted earlier than the other Super Junior members through KBS’s Sharp.

Since his debut, Heechul was loved for his beautiful visuals and succeeded in both music and variety shows.

Furthermore, it was recently announced in January that he’s dating TWICE‘s Momo.

Here’s hoping Heechul continues to find happiness because he certainly deserves it.

Happy 15th debut anniversary Heechul!

Source: Insight

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